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Can I make a reservation at Hop 'N Moose?

The Hop 'N Moose does not take reservations. If you call ahead, they may be able to accommodate you, but no promises! 

Can I tour the brewery on Granger Street?

Our production site on Granger is not currently able to accommodate tours and visits. Sorry!

Where can I find your beer? 

We currently only distribute in Vermont through Farrell Distributing. 

For Vermont locations, click here

Can you ship me beer? 

Sorry, but we do not currently have the capacity to ship beer. 

When are you making more *insert beer here*?

Contact us and we may be able to tell you, but our schedule is ever-evolving so there are no guarantees. 

Does the Hop 'N Moose have an outside patio? Can I bring my dog? 

The Hop 'N Moose does have an outdoor patio during the summer months. It is dog friendly. Please note that as much as we love all furry friends, no pets are allowed inside. 

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