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Born out of a love for craft beer, Rutland Beer Works began in 2014 as Hop 'N Moose Brewing Company. Hop 'N Moose brought us some classics, such as Rutland Red and Blueberry Blonde, and put Rutland on the map as a contender in the Vermont brewing scene. 

As love for our beer grew, so did we. In 2017, we moved to a larger 15-barrel production facility and decided to change our name to one that better reflected our Rutland roots. Since then, we have been able to further perfect our craft and expand our reach throughout Vermont and beyond. 

We pride ourselves on creating a variety of high-quality beers with a comfortable, down-to-earth feel. We aren't going to try and dazzle you with flashy buzzwords. We just make great beer. Period. 

Come see for yourself at Hop 'N Moose Pub which still houses our tasting room. You can check out the current tap list and and menu here. 

Current Selection


Rutland Red - Red Ale - 5% ABV

A classic American Amber ale full of rich malty notes, a crisp palate, and just a hint of herbal hops. 

Notable Ingredients: 2-Row, Munich, C45L, C85L, Golding Hops

Blueberry Blonde - Blonde Ale - 5% ABV

Brewed with real blueberry purée, this refreshing blonde ale features subtle flavors of wheat and fruit.

Notable Ingredients: 2-Row, Wheat, Oats, Centennial Hops, Blueberry Puree

Lake Monster - American-style Lager - 4.5% ABV

Named after the legend that roams Lake Champlain, this easy drinking American-style lager is a brewer favorite.  Expect a crisp, clean profile- the perfect "lawnmower beer"!

Notable Ingredients: Pilsner, 6-Row, Flaked Rice, Golding Hops

Better Dayz - Vermont Double IPA - 8% ABV

Our Flagship Double IPA! A classic Vermont style DIPA featuring loads of citrus and tropical fruit flavors, along with a clean malt profile and balanced bitterness. 
Notable Ingredients: 2-Row, Wheat, Maris Otter, Simcoe, Calypso, Citra Hops

Hide & Seek - New England Pale Ale - 5.7% ABV

A bold New England Pale Ale brewed with El Dorado, Hallertau Blanc, Amarillo and Cashmere hops. Expect a bready malt backbone with notes of melon, citrus and gooseberry. Hazy and refreshing!

Notable Ingredients: El Dorado, Hallertau Blanc, and Cashmere hops

Just for the Moment

Superstar - IPA - 6.5% ABV

Whether you're hitting the slopes or relaxing indoors, Superstar is here to win as your après-anything companion. Flavors of tropical fruit and citrus glide across the palate while flaked oats keep the mouthfeel pillowy. Cozy and crushable, this IPA is truly a star!

Notable Ingredients: 2-Row, Torrefied Wheat, Oats, El Dorado, Galaxy, Azacca

Stick Season - Harvest IPA - 6.8% ABV

Inspired by Vermont's 6th season, this bold IPA was fermented on a blend of Maple and White Ash wood. Expect a unique, spiced flavor featuring notes of tropical fruit, berry, fresh bread, and maple syrup.

Notable Ingredients: Golden Promise, Biscuit Malt, Galaxy, Simcoe, Southern Aroma, White Ash, Maple

Swamp Donkey - Stout - 6.7% ABV

A classic American Stout layered with caramel, coffee, and cocoa notes. Chocolate, Caramel and Roasted malts are balanced with flaked barley and hops to create a dark and luscious brew. 

Notable Ingredients: Chocolate Malt, Caramel 90 Malt, Brown Malt, Centennial hops, flaked barley

Oktoberfest - Amber Lager - 5.2% ABV

A classic Festbier brewed with a variety of classic German malts and hops. Expect a medium body and refreshing finish, with notes of toffee, graham cracker, citrus, and spice.

Notable Ingredients: Pilsner, Vienna, Biscuit Malt, Hallertau Tradition, Saaz

Rutland's Finest Malt Liquor - Imperial Lager - 10.8% ABV

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, this imperial style lager is inspired by classic American malt liquors. Brewed with pilsner, corn, and noble hops, expect a crisp, clean, and slightly fruity flavor.

Notable Ingredients: Flaked corn, flaked rice, 6 row, Golding hops 

Off White - Wheat Ale - 5.4% ABV

Our take on a classic Witbier is brewed with loads of wheat, and just the right amount of orange and coriander. Full bodied with loads of citrus flavors. 

Notable Ingredients: 2-Row, Wheat, CaraPils, Oats, Coriander, Orange Peel, Sterling Hops

Check out the Hop 'N Moose page to see what's on tap

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