Blueberry Blonde Ale

This refreshing blonde ale is infused with hints of blueberry goodness.  The blueberry in this beer is not overpowering or cloyingly sweet, but is subtle, natutal, and extremely drinkable.  No artificial flavoring is added to this beer.  A seasonal favorite!

How She Gose

A Wheat Ale brewed with coriander and raspberry.  It has a nice raspberry nose, with hits of tartness and salt.  This is the way a Gose should be!  Very refreshing and a great summer beer.


Lakemonster Lager

Named after the legend that roams Lake Champlain, this refreshing lager has long been a favorite in our pub.  This beer is light in body and color, with a small amount of Hallertau hop added at the end of the boil, and lagered cold for 6 weeks.



Our take on a Whitbier, brewed with copious amounts of wheat.  We added coriander, bitter orange peel and orange zest to the whirlpool and use our house yeast rather than traditional Belgian Yeast to give it our own unique profile.  Very refreshing, and served with a small slice of orange for good luck.

Head Doctor IPA

More toward a traditional style IPA, this beer’s hop profile is balanced by a distinct malt backbone.  A delicious concoction that is almost red in color, with caramel notes, citrus, and a mildly bitter finish, this beer is clean, crisp and flavorful.


Better Dayz IIPA

Our flagship Double IPA, it is somewhere between a Vermont and a west coast style  This heavily dry hopped double is citrusy with just the right amount of bitter.  Very refreshing, and drinkable, it’s easy to forget the 8% abv.  It is brewed with 40% UK Marris Otter base malt, a large amount of wheat, and dry-hopped at 2lbs per bbl with equal parts Citra, Calypso and Simcoe.

Hide and Seek

Named after the World Champion at said game, the Sasquatch, it is one of our brewers favorite beers to make (and drink). With oats for body, light crystal malt for for flavor and character, and no bittering hops, this extra pale is heavily dry hopped with Mosaic to give it tropical fruit nose and flavor without any bite.  Very flavorful and extremely crushable at 5% ABV.

Rutland Red Ale

If we are going to be remembered by one beer, we'd like Rutland Red to be it.  This american amber ale is loaded with flavor and stands tall in a sea of IPA's.  Brewed with several carefully selected specialty UK Caramel malts, this beer is layered with caramel, toffee, toasted barley, and a hint of raisin. Delicious flavor, easy drinking and no aftertaste have made this beer a local favorite since Mile 0.


Swamp Donkey Stout

Named by one of our favorite customers in a competition, this oatmeal stout is sure to please stout lovers out there.  Swamp Donkey is brewed with layers of both chocolate and dark caramel malts along with flaked oats, giving it both chocolate and coffee notes while making it full bodied and very smooth.   Try it on Nitro too!

Seven South IPL

Seven South was a fun lager to make with our friends in Bennington, Madison Brewing Company.  For this one-off we went with German Pilsner and UK Marris Otter Malt, threw in some Vienna and lots of late addition hops.  We dry-hopped with Citra, Equinot and Eureka and ended up with a stunningly fabulous IPL that drinks like a session IPA.

Flash's Hunting Lager

Flash's is a Marzzen brewed to honor the ability of our brewer's Basset Hound to straight up not care about anything, and certainly not hunting.  Brewed with German Pilsner, Munich, minimal hops and lager'd for 6 weeks.  Having a distinct and very appealing taste and aroma, it has become so popular that we brew it year round.  

Experimental N.E. IPA's

In the land of hazy IPA's, we also make some delicious ones.  They are constantly rotating and being tweaked.  Our Current Selection:


2nd Lake IPA

Brewed with Pearl Malt, Oats and Wheat this IPA is heavily dry-hopped with aroma hops to create an appropriate mouth feel, nose, and taste for the style.  We are extremely happy with the way this turned out, and we think you will too.


Lallygag IPA

Virtually identical to 2nd Lake IPA, with the exception of replacing Pearl with Golden Promise as a base.  This created a distinctly different flavor and aroma profile but is equally pleasing.

Devil's Fiddle IIPA

Named after the famed trail in Killington, this is our Better Dayz recipe with a juicier Vermont style yeast.  It is quite remarkable and almost unbelievable, but it has a completely different flavor profile and resembles our flagship IPA in almost no imaginable way.  We think you'll love it!